Meet Elisha

Golf and finding a job have many similarities, they require precise and focused preparation, the ability to reset after a bad shot or interview and being able to maintain a positive attitude throughout. Meet Elisha Donahey-Johnston, who spent most of her summer not just practicing Golf for the Special Olympics but also applying to jobs, going for interviews, and sending ‘Thank you’ emails. When everyone around is making the best of their summer, here is Elisha who is working towards her achieving her dreams.

As they say with hard work and dedication, anything is possible and guess what, Elisha’s hard work paid off when she got a call from Fortino’s to join their team as Cashier.

Initially Elisha applied to the PC express position at the Fortino’s on Neyagawa. A telephone interview with the hiring manager made them believe that she was a better fit for the Customer Service cashier position at the store. The job coach at Community Living Oakville then set up three separate work trials with the Manager. These work trials are more like trying on new clothes to see if it is the best fit. These work trials would give Elisha a better perspective of what the job demands and if that is what she enjoys doing.

Community Living Oakville has been collaborating with Fortino’s for over 15 years. Founded in 1961, John Fortino an immigrant steel worker and his siblings opened their first store in Hamilton. Today it has gained a reputation of being a ‘Supermarket with a Heart’; from the owner to the management team to the team members, Fortino’s treats their employees with heart. Working with the abilities of the people we support, accommodating job trials to ensure it is a good fit, and assisting during on boarding and the training period, Fortino’s ensures the new team member feels welcome and ready to work.

Elisha is thrilled to start her new adventure at Fortino’s and even more thrilled to see her savings go up. In Henry Ford’s words: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

If you would like to work towards success and need support in finding a job please contact the Supported Employment Team at 905-844-0146, ext. 251. We are here to help!

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