A Genuine Perspective

A Genuine Perspective

Since the beginning, Curtis has shown nothing but determination, perseverance and dedication. Setting goals and finding satisfactions in his everyday life from graduating high school to obtaining a driver’s license have attributed to his positive outlook on life. During the infancy stages of our time together, Curtis was consistent with one goal in-particular and that was to work at Halton Healthcare to help people in need.

The motivation to learn and develop had been a trait that shined bright for Curtis as we began job development. Through job development Curtis learned resume writing, interview skills and participated in job trials to build competitive work experience. As the trials and interview skills improved weekly, Curtis prepared himself for his first application to Fortinos as a service clerk. It wasn’t the initial goal of being employed in the Healthcare sector, but a stepping stone within the work force. With great preparation and a positive attitude, Curtis secured his first job and this became a confidence booster in more ways than one. After obtaining his first job, Curtis took on a bigger task of obtaining his G2. Curtis was on a roll and not showing any signs of slowing down.

Behind the scenes and throughout his new opportunities in life, Curtis continued to apply within the Healthcare sector with the hopes of getting that callback for an interview. Curtis got that chance back in February of 2019, turning a dream set over a year ago into a real possibility. This opportunity was much different then past employment offers as the interview process consisted of 2 phone interviews and a panel system interview with 4 interviewers at once. This did not deter Curtis from his goal. His determination and hard work paid off and weeks after the initial interview, Curtis was contacted by Halton Healthcare to report to orientation as they had selected him to be a part of their team.

Curtis now works two jobs, sometimes even working up to 12 hour days, however he couldn’t be happier. We are so proud of Curtis and his accomplishment. Curtis has inspired many of us to work hard, and never give up on our goals!

-Andre Durie, Job Placement Coordinator

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