I’m Loving It!

Darlene Bryans – I’m loving it! 


In 1991 Darlene Bryans purchased her first McDonald’s franchise, located at 210 North Service Road in Oakville. Since then, Darlene has expanded and purchased a variety of McDonald’s locations within Oakville including the store at Lakeshore Road, Neyagawa, Glen Abby, and Bronte.  

In 2011, Darlene hired a person supported by Community Living Oakville’s Employment Program and a partnership lasting over a decade was created.  

Darlene is passionate about her community and providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. She has provided long term employment opportunities for many people supported, including Joel Layne who has been a valuable member of her team for over 8 years.
When asked about his experience working at the McDonald’s location at Dorval Drive, Joel responds: “Darlene is very approachable. She gives me motivational chats before every shift. It is surreal working at the best McDonald’s location ever!”  

Ronald Copeland had been out of the workforce for many years, and together with his Xplore Employment job coach, Ronald began his journey back to employment. Through career exploration, skills assessments and job preparation–related workshops, Ronald applied to, interviewed for and was recently hired at one of Darlene’s locations.  Ronald is currently working 4 days per week in the kitchen, cooking French fries and burgers, and is thriving at his job!
“I enjoy working at McDonald’s a lot! Darlene is very nice and I am happy to work for her!” – Ronald Copeland.  

Darlene has provided a supportive, inclusive work environment for multiple people we support and Xplore Employment looks forward to continuing the partnership with her for years to come. 

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