Xplore Employment  

Community Living Oakville’s Xplore Employment team supports people to achieve their employment goals, and works with each person to identify their distinct skills and employment interests. Xplore Employment’s Employment Specialists encourage self-empowerment while offering assistance with resume writing, interview preparations and on the job training.  They advocate for inclusive workplaces and work towards removing barriers to success. The support does not end once the job seeker finds employment, as the Employment Specialists also provide monthly check-ins at job sites and provide support as needed. Xplore Employment works with various employers, helping them find the right candidate for their business. 

Xplore Employment also offers a variety of programs designed to prepare people for every stage in their employment journey: 

 The Networking Webinar is a convenient virtual weekly drop-in session, where individuals connect with others, build communication skills, share their work/volunteer experiences and discuss different topics each week.  

Job Launch’s High-School Prep is a 6-week in-class pre-employment program designed to help prepare students for their eventual transition from school to work.  

 Summer PREP is a 7-week student volunteer program, designed to give students an opportunity to gain work experience and build essential skills during summer break.  

Our mission at Xplore Employment is Inclusion!

Physically Distant but Socially Close